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Tania Thornton Intuitive Life and Transformation Coach / Teacher of Wisdom / Angel Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Healer and Relationship Coach, bringing a new dimension to your relationship as well as working on communication, and Writer & Author of her book INSIGHTS from the Heart from Wellington, New Zealand.

About Tania

Tania operates from her heart – reaching out – touching and empowering everyone she connects with through her natural psychic, angel healing and intuitive gifts – I work with both adults and children.

“I feel blessed to be able to work with the angels bringing through messages and healing and for my psychic gifts and want to help as many people in my lifetime as I can. My Spiritual Readings and Healings are to empower and inspire you to make the necessary changes to live a truly fulfilling life.  I also work with empowering children to help build their confidence and self-esteem to be able to believe in themselves to work on their dreams as the younger they start the better their journey. 

I use my intuitive gifts as well as my own life experiences to enhance your life and allow a transformation to take place.  I believe that our energy is best used working towards having the best life possible for ourselves.

Any questions you have will be answered to Help even in tragic and tough circumstances.  Invest in Yourself. Empower You to take the next steps on your journey to happiness, health and success.

Trust and have Faith.”

Tania Thornton


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