How Can a Person Become More Conscious of Their Own Self

The first step to becoming more conscious of your own self and more consciously aware is to become more present in each moment. Take notice of how you are feeling and how you are reacting to influences around you.

When you are in reaction, just watch yourself and how your body is reacting, become an observer of yourself and see how you are reacting to this person or circumstance.  This is the first step to becoming more aware of yourself and your patterns that are a part of you.  If you are stuck in anger, resentment or unforgiveness then this will be affecting your whole life.

Once you catch yourself, then you can say, I am reacting like this because ……… and there will be an emotion attached to it.  Work out what that emotion is.

Normally we blame the other person or circumstance.  This is okay because that is what we all do to start off with.  Then it might be that you start to notice that you blame everyone else around you.  You might start to notice that things make you angry, you might start to notice that when this happens you react like this.  Whatever it is for you. Great keep noticing this is a good thing.  Notice the thoughts that you have about yourself.

Just know that we can only work with ourselves and trying to change others is actually a lot of hard work and normally makes us feel bad when it doesn’t happen.

Just sit with yourself, watch yourself and have patience with yourself.  Be kind to yourself and know that you are going through a transition stage.  This can take some time so give yourself a break.  Working with meditation every day to quiet our minds is a great help.  Our minds create a whole lot of drama and think things that really aren’t true.  When I have a scenario going on in my mind I ask myself “Is this really true”.

If something really isn’t working and you feel the need to stand your ground in some situations then do so.  Voice your concerns but it is better if they are voiced in a loving way for everyone.  The universe will then have to respond to you.

Becoming more conscious and aware involves looking within YOU, you are a very important person in this universe and are here to evolve and move forward.  Being able to release past emotional patterns and behaviours is a huge part of this.  Just by becoming aware of how you react to things is a start to this whole process.  Becoming more conscious of it actually helps you to step out of it.  This takes a long time so just keep practising until you get it.  Start to use meditation and affirmations to help with your thought processes.  If you can stay in your balanced loving energy while there is chaos going on around you then you have learnt something and can live in the world with more peace and love in your heart.

When there is peace and love in your heart, there will be peace and love in your world, for all your experiences are simply your own reflection.

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