My book Insights from the Heart has been noticed by “Focus on Women Magazine” in the United States. Here is what they have written to me:
Your book was brought to our attention through your publicist and a randomly selected group of 20 members of our readership were assigned to choose four books out of 12 to determine ones that stood out and would appeal to our audience.

Your book, Insights from the Heart, was instructional about healing and progressing through life’s unpredictable nature is in a category of its own. Your passion and dedication inspires us. As a result we are reaching out to you to join Focus on Women magazine’s La Femme De Prose Bookstore. 15% of my book sales will go to the Afghan Women’s Fund, a fund which helps women who have been mutilated, set on fire and if raped sent to prison.
They will be advertising in their magazine as well as on the radio and also have extended an invitation to America. The money from every book that is sold goes into my company account called Insights from the Heart Limited, the more books that are sold in turn helps my messages to get out to the world to help everyone who needs it.

Many thanks and god bless to you all. Tania Xxx

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