Inspiration for Insights from the Heart

The inspiration for this Book, Insights from the Heart, came from finding an Inner Knowing of who I truly am and how I created my experiences in life with the patterns that were a part of me and it is not until I started to clear these patterns and look within and started to accept myself and all my clairvoyant and healing abilities that my life changed.  I then learnt that I was here to touch, heal and empower others so I now have an immense desire to share with others my learnings and insights.

As the lessons I have learnt have been so powerful to me the need to share these experiences was something that had to happen and the events that took place to publish this book came together with a flow that was far easier than what I had imagined.  This book was written from a place of love and was like a healing for all the experiences that had happened in my life.

These healing gifts and qualities are a blessing and I am now able to let these shine out to the world.

This book is written with the intention of helping others and to let others know that when your life is down and you are dealing with pain and suffering that there are other ways to help you cope, as I have lived it and I truly only want the best for everyone.

Insights into the heart

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