Get clear and detailed psychic readings over the phone or in person.

I offer face-to-face services for people in Wellington and clairvoyant phone readings to people across New Zealand and internationally.

Angel Intuitive / Psychic Medium

I am an Angel Intuitive / Psychic Medium who has been working with the Angel Realms and Spirit World for many years receiving messages as well as having an inner knowing.  In my own unique way I combine my natural healing abilities to work with my angels and spirit guides to receive messages and offer tarot card reading for you as well as combine my own life experiences, wisdom and knowledge to help you on your own spiritual journey. 

“We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.

Consultation fee:

NZ$150 per hour

Angel Intuitive Healer

Along my own spiritual journey I bring through Angel Intuitive healing to bring peace, love and harmony into your lives by helping you to release any thoughts, or old programmed beliefs that no longer serve you.  I have also learnt the teachings of Reiki and combine this within the energy healing as well.

Consultation fee:

NZ$150 per hour

Intuitive Life Transformation and Relationship Coach

I work as an intuitive Life Transformation and Relationship Coach to bring through new ways of being in your relationship, developing your communication skills and also giving healing directly from the Angel realms to help you release past hurts and old limiting behavioural patterns, to uncover you and your passion to fulfil your life purpose. Through my own life experiences, and the clearing of my own limiting behaviours, I am able to work with you to free yourself of programs/beliefs that no longer serve you so that your relationships can improve and become stronger.

I have much success with all of my tarot love readings and healings and many clients lives have changed because of coming to see me.

Consultation fee:

NZ$250 per hour


I am a recognised funeral and wedding celebrant helping you bring light and love to your special day


$850.00 (Celebrant package) – includes marriage licence

Wedding Package

$1,200.00 (Destress and Celebrant package) – includes marriage licence and 2 x 90 min reading and healing sessions

Funeral Package

$700.00 (Reading and Celebrant package)

Pet Funeral Service

$250.00 (Funeral Service for pet)

How can Tania help you?

  • When you’re at a crossroads, either as an individual or as a couple
  • If you’re in need of clarity about decision-making in your business or personal life
  • From her own life experiences and intuitive knowledge, Tania can help you and your partner reconnect or strengthen your relationship for the future
  • She can help you as an individual, work out just what it is you want out of life and how to achieve that
  • Tania uses practical, down-to-earth tools that you can take away and use at home and at work
  • Tania works with you to determine your core values… decision-making becomes a much clearer process
  • Tania can help you get clarity about the life you really want and help you reach your unlimited potential!