Intuitive Life Transformation and
Relationship Coach

Get answers to your big relationship questions with a tarot love reading

I work as an Intuitive Life and Transformation and Relationship Coach bringing a new dimension to your relationship as well as working on communication.  I can also give angel healing therapy to each of you directly from the Angel realms to help you release past hurts and old limiting behavioural patterns, to let go and move forward in your lives.

Through my own life experiences, and the clearing of my own limiting behaviours, as well as working with many respected healers, I am able to work with you to free yourself of programmes/beliefs that no longer serve you so your relationship can improve and become stronger with more compassion and understanding.

You do not have to be in a relationship for this to work as it is the relationship with yourself that ultimately leads you to where you want to go in life.

I have had much success with all of my psychic love readings and healings and many clients lives have changed because of coming to see me.

Tania is available for readings and healings:  Please contact Tania on 0274 838 565 to confirm an appointment time and to arrange paymen

Consultation fee:

NZ$250 per hour

3 Sessions:

NZ$675.00 (save $75.00)

5 Sessions:

NZ$1,150.00 (save $100.00)

How can Tania help you?

  • When you’re at a crossroads, either as an individual or as a couple
  • If you need help with communication in the relationships in your life
  • If you’re in need of clarity about decision-making in your business or personal life
  • From her own life experiences and intuitive knowledge, Tania can help you and your partner reconnect or strengthen your relationship for the future
  • She can help you as an individual, work out just what it is you want out of life and how to achieve that
  • Tania uses practical, down-to-earth tools that you can take away and use at home and at work
  • Tania works with you to determine your core values… decision-making becomes a much clearer process
  • Tania can help you get clarity about the life you really want and help you reach your unlimited potential!