My Life Journey to my Sixth Sense and Inner Knowing

I was born and grew up in a suburb called Papatoetoe, South Auckland, New Zealand.  I am the second eldest of four children being brought up by strict parents and my family did not have a lot of money.  At this stage of my life I already knew that I had healing abilities but was unable to acknowledge them as they were not understood at that time.  Even so, I was brought up in a home with many pets who provided lots of unconditional love.

I did alright at school but I struggled with the school system.  It was not until secretarial school that I found my feet and did really well and  my career as a legal secretary took off and I worked and played hard.  I have 26 years of working in the legal profession giving me some experience in law.

I have always been someone who has done everything to the best of my ability and gone out of my way to help others.  This meant that I was always looking after everyone else and not myself.  It was not until after my divorce that I started to look within.

Being unable to have children I have spent most of my life looking after other’s children and helping out wherever I can and have also fostered children.  I have also completed a 2 year Stotts Correspondence Caring for Children Course.

I have changed countries twice and cities four times.    I now currently reside in Wellington, New Zealand with my husband Wayne.

Whilst I was living in Australia and going through a tough time I spent time sitting in circles at the Penrith Spiritualist Church in Sydney, Australia and also in Brisbane, Australia developing my sixth sense, clairvoyancy and psychic abilities.  I now run a successful healing business in Wellington New Zealand and work in conjunction with the Wellington Spiritualist Church.

My book Insights from the Heart has come about because I have lived every experience in this book.  I know what it is like to fall down and then get back up again.  I know that it takes a lot of courage to look within and make changes in your life while living with pain and unhappiness.

“I trust that sharing my story and insights simply and honestly with each of my readers will touch their hearts in a new way as I truly only want the best for them.”

I have been through a lot in my lifetime and this has made me a very strong and determined woman but I am not hard or tough and underneath there is a childlike naivety and softness about me.  I am blessed to have this inner knowing.  The fact that I have lived all of these life experiences validates everything that I have written in my book.  I trust that writing about my experiences will help uplift my readers who are going through similar situations and help them through these times.

I only work through love and light and for the “Highest Good” of every person that comes to me for healing.

God Bless


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