Too often we can get stuck in looking at what we don’t have rather than being grateful for what we do have and it is time to change the channel.

An attitude of gratitude for where we are at now will attract more to us.  Sometimes in our day we only focus on the negative that happens but in actual fact there is so much goodwill that the universe shows us in our day, the people who do back us, who lift us up, who make us feel good and who support us, there are plenty around it is just what we focus on that stands out.  Whatever we focus on will grow bigger.  I choose to focus on the people who do help and support me, the things that happen in my life to make things a little easier.  I am grateful for a smile, a kind word, the trees, the birds, the grass, the sky, everything that nature has to offer.

12 Prayers to Help You Feel Grateful

I do a gratitude prayer every morning and every night of everything I am grateful for. , You can do this to – here are some prayers you could try:

  1. I am grateful I have another day here;
  2. I am grateful for my beautiful home;
  3. I am grateful for my wonderful husband;
  4. I am grateful for my cats;
  5. I am grateful for my job where I am paid well and I am valued, respected, listened to and taken care of;
  6. I am grateful for my Author Coach and Spiritual Teacher;
  7. I am grateful to my Angels and for my healing gifts;
  8. I am grateful for all of the new knowledge that I am obtaining;
  9. I am grateful for all of the new opportunities that come my way;
  10. I am grateful for being able to open my eyes so I can see with them;
  11. I am grateful for my good health;
  12. I am grateful for all experiences in my life that have made me the person I am today.

Something to be Grateful For

Sometimes it’s hard in your day to feel gratitude.  But we all have something to be grateful for.  For instance, you could feel grateful for is the day you were born.  When we are born it is a miracle and it is only our own fears and patterns that keep us from moving forward and living our dreams.

Everyone on this planet is a unique individual. There is no other person in the universe like you. And that is something to feel grateful for as well.  Only you and you alone know what is best for you and your highest good.

I write more about this in my book Insights from the Heart.  If you would like to know more you can purchase a copy of my book by clicking on the image below:   

Insights into the heart

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