The Life of Gratitude – Random Acts of Kindness

Hi everyone

If you listen to the Breeze Radio station with Kath and Steve in the morning they are hilarious and Kath does a segment called “Soul Food” which I love and listen to every morning.  Yesterday Kath’s soul food was about her friend who was going through such a hard time at the moment, her husband was going to lose his job, her child is very ill and her sister was going through a crisis and as soon as I heard it my heart went out to her – and the story touched me as I knew exactly what she was going through so this morning I delivered a Christmas Hamper to the Breeze radio station.

I have attached the recording of me on the radio and yet again I was shown that a random act of kindness and living in gratitude would allow my book Insights from the Heart as well as the word of spirit to be  mentioned on the radio to reach out to so many people. (I hope you enjoy).

Thank you Kath and Steve you are amazing
Thank you Sandra Pringle for getting a recording from the radio station

Therefore my Thoughts for the Week are:

Even if you are going through a rough time;
Be grateful for everything you have;
Cherish the feelings of joy when they come;
If you have a dream, live it;
You don’t know where or when something happens that will make a difference in your life;
So just allow it to happen, let go and let god.

Take care, God bless

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